Sunday, December 26, 2010

Microsoft SBS 2008 default folder redirection GPO, permissions and exclussive user access...

By default any folder redirection done trough the 2008 SBS Console will result in granting exclusive access permissions to a particular user / folder owner - no other user, including administrator, will be able to access redirected folder on the server... Not necessary a bad thing, unless administrator needs to manage folder permissions or monitor it's size and content. Note: If you have initially used  SBS Console to configure folder redirection, and user folders have been redirected using default security policy you will need to take ownership of every user redirected folder on the server and reset each redirected folder permissions to you preference, replacing all existing permissions on sub-folders and files.

Forget about basic 2008 SBS Console! The best way to configure folder redirection is to go to the source -  Control Panel, Administrative Tools, open Group Policy Management...

Under Group Policy Management console you will be able to browse to your small business server folder redirection policy, open Group Policy Management Editor, and set your user folder redirection policy correctly from the start.

Keep in mind, deselecting "Grant the user exclusive rights..." check-box will result in false triggering of check box in the corresponding Folder Redirection Properties dialog in the SBS Console (top picture)... You can safely disregard this as your folder redirection policy set through the Group Policy Management Editor will work just fine... However, if the setting is checked via SBS Console again your folder redirection GPO will trigger back it's "Grant the user exclusive rights..." policy and you are back to square one, with the user redirected folder permissions mess on your hands as new folder and files being synced... Be careful!

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