Thursday, September 10, 2009

Curious "junk" message...

I have to apologize in advance if you find this post off-topic... This is rather personal.

Every morning I find my mailbox full of junk email collected overnight. I rarely look at it, as even on high filter setting Outlook has been pretty effective in sorting and separating junk messages so far. This morning one of these messages caught my attention and my finger simply froze right above "Delete" key.

Subject: lost
Message: all went well for a long time then it got bad.

That's it ?!

Not even a single link to imported and deeply discounted medications, fake Rolex watches, pretty girls who are "dying" to meet me, or a great deal I can get on pills to impress them with...

I thought about it for a while - apparently I'm a big fan of short, to the point doomsday messages.

Or, could I possibly became intrigued by a mysterious sender who managed to summarize my whole life in a painfully truthful, single sentence... I felt compelled to reply (actual communication below):

  I hope it's not a mistake - I really need this...