Thursday, October 7, 2010

Setting up default outgoing SMTP mail server on a Sprint mobile phone...

As most of you already know your ISP (COX in our case) might not allow you to use it's outgoing SMTP email server to send email from your mobile phone. This is by design... You will need to use your mobile carrier SMTP email server instead (Sprint in our case). Alternatively, you may be able to use IMAP or HTTP email access where available without relaying on your mobile carrier POP/SMTP mail servers.

Instructions below apply only to Sprint mobile users!

If you are not sure what your Sprint email server username  or password  is Sign In to your account, select My preferences on top of your account page and click Change email server password under Things I can manage online... (picture below)

Next page will give you your current Sprint email username  as well as address of your Sprint outgoing SMTP email server to use when setting up your phone email account (  in our case).

Type your new SMTP email server password , confirm it and click Submit...  You are ready to configure your phone email client to use  server as your default outgoing SMTP email server using your username and new password under server authentication. 

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