Friday, October 12, 2012

Windows Auto Update service is missing from SERVICES list....

Windows XP:

Run following command from the command prompt or run box under start: regsvr32 wuaueng.dll (after successful registration you should see Automatic Updates service listed - reboot computer just in case).

Microsoft has released official article on repairing Windows Update after Windows XP SP3 upgrade including their famous "Fix It For Me" feature:

However, I can honestly say I've never encountered any OS related problem Microsoft has been able to fix with their "Fix It For Me" feature... Just my personal experience though - you may get lucky.

Windows Vista / 7: Coming soon...


  1. Great post ! Thanks you for this ! Very useful !

  2. Very useful indeed ! Thank you My Personal Nerd for sharing this. Was hitting my head on the wall about this for hours.